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As part of the Journal's commitment to furthering scholarship in law and technology, we provide you with the following links to information sources in these areas along with other useful resources:

Online Legal Research
Findlaw (Research tool for legal publications, lawyers, cases and laws)
Congress.gov (U.S. Legislative Information on the Internet)
Virginia's Judicial System (Court rulings and opinions for all state levels)

Online Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journals
Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law
Duke Law & Technology Review
Federal Communications Law Journal (Indiana University)
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum (Boston College)
John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal
Stanford Technology Law Review
SMU Science & Technology Law Review
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal (University of Texas)
Tulane Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property
UCLA Journal of Law and Technology

Online International Law & Technology Journals
The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam)
Journal of Information, Law & Technology (University of Warwick, UK)
European Journal of Law and Technology (Queen's University of Belfast, UK)

General and Subject Specific E-Journals
Cornell Law Review
eLaw: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (Australia)
Florida State University Law Review
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Stanford Law & Policy Review
Washington & Lee Law Review
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (University of Newcastle, UK)
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal
Human Rights Brief (American University)
National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law

Other Useful and Interesting Links
New Copyright and Database Regulations: USPTO, WIPO, and You. by John Unsworth

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